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the challenge

What have you done for us lately? Even after spending decades together, we’re still only as good as the latest numbers. For Hardee’s®, our job is pretty simple: keep sales and transactions positive every day, every week, every period, every quarter and every year–forever and ever.

We represent every single restaurant in the system. Literally. Each and every day, we’re involved with radio planning, promotions, sponsorship activation, coupon delivery, securing out-of-home locations, local integration of digital and social into the national broadcast plan, competitive intrusion strategies, grand opening and remodel strategies and tactics, and producing a metric butt-load of merchandising.

We think that’s everything.

the results

Hardee’s® is growing. New restaurants are opening every week all across the country. We know, in some part, because most of our people wake up each morning thinking about how to increase sales – and about a made-from-scratch Hardee’s® biscuit. Mmmmm.