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Builder’s Discount Center

the challenge

Builder’s Discount Center had a 23-year heritage as a lower-price alternative for both the DIY and contractor market. Over time, however, the deep-discount, low-price positioning somehow got misinterpreted. The original low-price position had become associated with low quality. Not true. Not cool. So, we fixed it.

the results

We launched the Build Tough brand in 2011 to change customer perceptions. We positioned BDC as the Clint Eastwood of home improvement stores.

In the first year of the re-branding, 10 out of 11 stores showed positive sales growth. Total system sales in the most recent fiscal year were the highest in company history.

The campaign recognized and showcased the fact that whether you’re a weekend warrior or professional contractor, BDC knows you’re a serious builder. We won them over–one project, one order, one job-well-done at a time.