We can develop a custom billing system to fit your business. We can, and do, invoice at the company, DMA, district, and single-unit level. We also have an open book policy. You can audit our books, as they pertain to your business, at any time. Not a single cent of your budget is spent without agreed upon and signed estimates. We take the fiduciary responsibilities of your business very seriously.

smart money

Our philosophy regarding expenditures is this: If we can’t grow your business, we can’t grow ours. We pride ourselves on putting the lion’s share of your marketing budget into exposure, not development. By being headquartered in a smaller market, our costs are simply lower. We, in turn, bring that additional value to your business.

added value

We extend the media budget of every brand we represent over 15%. We have a distribution center where you can store merchandise and other assets at no cost. We provide the most up-to-date media, category, and product research free of charge. We don’t charge for business travel unless previously approved. By adding value to our relationship, we strengthen your plan. Then, we can all focus more energy and resources toward the ultimate goal–won on one.