What Clients Expect of their Ad Agency

Whether you're looking for a new agency, or you're assessing your existing one, it helps to know what to look for.

A recent study by Domus and Harris Interactive sheds light on exactly what you should expect from your agency, new or old. 

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Tracking Engagement with an Interactive Game

Health care marketing is no laughing matter. So when we suggested that Nash Health Care use an online game as the key component of its Stroke Awareness campaign, we weren't surprised to see a few uneasy faces. Read how we turned a simple game into a measurable engagement tool. 

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Getting Measurable Results From Mini-Campaigns

As a small-market agency, it feels good knowing that we're giving our clients the same advice as big city agencies. 

When it comes to getting meaningful results from a project, we've figured out that mini campaigns are a sure fire way to do it.

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Won on One on 50,000

Retail marketers care primarily about two things: sales and transactions.  With those objectives in mind, our first question regarding any touchpoint, is always

 “How do we transactionalize it?” Here's one way we've done it for Hardee's. 

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What Three Wheelbarrows of Sugar Taught Us About Trade Show Marketing

Fitting your entire business into a 10'x10' space at a trade show can be a daunting task. So how do you draw in your audience without giving out quirky key chains? That's what we were asked by our client, Nash Health Care, when they signed on as a sponsor at a local women's night. Here's what we took away from the experience. 

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Why Health Care Marketers Need to Embrace Health Apps

The recent unveiling of health apps by tech giants such as Apple, Google, and Samsung suggests the time for personal health tracking may finally have arrived on the grand stage. For health care marketers, this means a new way to ensure that patients are engaged in their health beyond the hospital's walls. 

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Lessons From the World Cup: Is the Headline Sponsorship Dead?

This year's World Cup has produced some advertising gems. But only a handful of them have come from the tournament's cash-splashing sponsors. Here's our take on why the days of the once coveted sponsorship may be over. 

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How the Fitbit® Mirrors Today's Advertising Landscape

Wearable fitness trackers are everywhere these days. But why have they been so easily integrated into our daily lives? Maybe it's because the way we use the bands is nothing new. After all, we've been using media in much the same way for years.

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Ocean Isle Beach: Beach of the Big Shoulders

The summer months mean gravy season for beaches up and down the coast. When it comes to advertising, beaches, resorts, and realty companies know that their name and location will lead the surge.

But what about the pre- and post-summer months? How do beach properties leverage their marketing to make the most out of these more temperate months?

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Won on One Explained

No, we didn't misspell our latest tagline. 

It all boils down to one thing: reaching one customer, in one market, one at a time. That's how your success is won. Our role is to facilitate those connections in the most relevant and effective ways possible.

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