Battle of the Mailboxes: Email Marketing vs. Direct Mail

MYTH: Email marketing will replace (or maybe already has replaced) direct mail.

Despite our ingrained desire to kick out the old and adopt the new, this particular "traditional versus non-traditional" battle deserves a closer look, especially when you consider key metrics such as response rates and cost per lead. Lewis' VP of Production, Susan Harper, explains the best way to utilize these two media.

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If It's March ... It Must Be Madness

When paired, the words "March" and "Madness" have an unbelievable effect. They call to mind a host of memories and emotions for people across the country. 

Marketers dream of reaching that level of awareness for their brands. Here's our take on the key to do just that.

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Want To Do Better Work? Learn Something! (Part 2 of 2)

Let's face it - most of our work days are not conducive to being inspired or innovative. "Get it done" is the constant of most office hours. But the power to improve our attitude, and even our work performance, can be found in a surprising activity: learning about something we find interesting and challenging. 

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Parent Problems: The Franchisee Dilemma

Franchisees often have a love-hate relationship with their parent company when it comes to marketing. They love the support that's provided, but hate being bound by the ambiguity of national campaigns.

During our 45 years of working closely with franchisees nationwide, we've learned that there are ways to bring that broad, national campaign down to the local level and supplement it in ways that really resonate with the local population.  

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7 Ways to Get FREE Advertising From Your Media Partners

Added-value advertising is a great way to stretch your client’s ad dollars and achieve additional exposure and branding at no additional cost.

Here are seven quick tips for media buyers looking to get the most bang for their buck. 

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Print: Still the Go-To Source for Couponers

In the late 1980’s, "they" said printed paper coupons were headed for extinction. "They" were still saying that in the 1990’s and 2000's. Here we are in 2015 and our mailboxes are still stuffed full with coupons at least once a week. "They" seem to have been wrong. However, throughout the marketing community, whispers of the printed coupon's death continue.

So, are marketers stubbornly sticking to an inefficient tactic? The evidence says "no."

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4 Tips for Generating Great Creative Concepts (Part 1 of 2)

As part of the Creative Department, I'm often asked "How did you come up with that?" Rarely does the answer involve a single moment of inspiration, or a "lightbulb moment." Instead, it's usually a winding chain of thoughts from numerous team members. 

Despite every idea having its own path, we've developed four tips for helping you and your team come up with the next big idea. 

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Are You Ballin’ For Your Brand of Your Business?

Brands of all sizes are involved in sponsorships. Of those sponsorships, the majority are sports related. They're effective enough in terms of brand exposure, but how effective are they for your business?

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Why NOT to Buy a Super Bowl Ad

Whether it's a 4.5 million dollar Super Bowl spot or a budget-busting one-day event, risking it all on a one-hit wonder isn't an advertiser's only option. Becky Beaty, one of Lewis' most experienced media buyers, discusses why you may want to pass on that one-time opportunity and consider a long-term strategy.

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Don't Believe the Hype: Outdoor's Not Dead

For years, outdoor advertising has been the face of "old media's" demise." Hand in hand with newspapers, it is cast as a static, unengaging, immeasurable medium.

But should we be so quick to dismiss outdoor as an effective part of our advertising toolkit? We say no. Here's three reasons why you should still consider it in your marketing mix.  

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