4 Tips for Generating Great Creative Concepts (Part 1 of 2)

As part of the Creative Department, I'm often asked "How did you come up with that?" Rarely does the answer involve a single moment of inspiration, or a "lightbulb moment." Instead, it's usually a winding chain of thoughts from numerous team members. 

Despite every idea having its own path, we've developed four tips for helping you and your team come up with the next big idea. 

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Are You Ballin’ For Your Brand of Your Business?

Brands of all sizes are involved in sponsorships. Of those sponsorships, the majority are sports related. They're effective enough in terms of brand exposure, but how effective are they for your business?

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Why NOT to Buy a Super Bowl Ad

Whether it's a 4.5 million dollar Super Bowl spot or a budget-busting one-day event, risking it all on a one-hit wonder isn't an advertiser's only option. Becky Beaty, one of Lewis' most experienced media buyers, discusses why you may want to pass on that one-time opportunity and consider a long-term strategy.

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Don't Believe the Hype: Outdoor's Not Dead

For years, outdoor advertising has been the face of "old media's" demise." Hand in hand with newspapers, it is cast as a static, unengaging, immeasurable medium.

But should we be so quick to dismiss outdoor as an effective part of our advertising toolkit? We say no. Here's three reasons why you should still consider it in your marketing mix.  

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Your 2015 Marketing Strategy in 5 Words

What if you had to sum up your marketing plans for 2015 in one word? Could it be done? Here are five starters that we're using to guide our clients.

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Build a Brand Promise You Can Keep (Part 2 of 3)

In part two of his three part series, Creative Director Jeff Bowman explains the three keys for bringing your brand to life: Positioning, Personality, and Affiliation.  

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My Best Friend is a Better Salesman Than Your Brand - The Power of Social Endorsement

Welcome to the age of social endorsements - where your every like, comment, and share is your friend's personalized advertisement.

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Online Giving: How to Maximize Donations to Your Foundation

Online giving grew 13.5% in 2013 alone, and with efforts like #GivingTuesday leading a digital charge, this trend won't be slowing any time soon. Here are four steps your health care organization can take today to ride the digital wave.

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Nash Health Care and Scotland Health Care Win Gold at Annual Healthcare Marketing Awards

Lewis Advertising is proud to congratulate two of our clients for taking home Gold Wallie Awards at last night's Carolinas Healthcare Public Relations & Marketing Society's annual awards. Congratulations to Nash Health Care and Scotland Health Care for their big wins.

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Your brand promise. Make it. Keep it. (Part 1 of 3)

Your brand is a promise. Every consumer interaction is an opportunity to keep - or break - that promise. 

In part one of his three part series, Jeff Bowman discusses the keys to successful brand development and teaches the basic questions that every brand marketer should ask themselves.

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